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LAVA working to achieve the Future Hotel Room Showcase

The welfare and comfort you know, do not have money … or at least, ought not to be. In this case the conditional is a must because LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) is realizando a project as ambitious as expensive: the Future Showcase Hotel Room.

This is not a simple hotel room, but an environment conceived and designed for relaxation, harmony and total purification of mind and body of the client.

Nothing is left to chance. The walls, the spaces of connection between a shaft and the other items and even furniture are deprived of regular forms, but are confused with each other to create an extraordinary effect of fluidity and movement.

A good system of internal lighting will recreate the nuances of the sky day and night for the different time zones, so as to reduce the well-known effect of stress time zone “for inveterate travelers. The chamber is also fitted with a small SPA, intelligent mirrors, walls entirely covered with window-display, read interactive e chi più ne ha più ne metta. All this is under the full control of the customer of the room which can then manipulate it to fit their needs and pleasures.

The project brings together LAVA and Fraunhofer IAO (Institute for Work Organization) to create The IAO Inhaus2, a program focused entirely on design expectations.

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Globus, the portable workstation

globus_21It is called Globus, and is an unusual folding desk shaped rounded. Michiel van der Kley, the designer who should be the design and implementation, it was inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” And indeed, the shape of this object recalls the scenic elements of the film.

Completely white, except for the interior lining in black leather, this giant work laptop will make you feel truly at ease, welcoming in a hemisphere, or a comfortable armchair, and putting in front of a coffee table that could be an excellent point of support for your laptop.


globus_31This is a very useful, especially if you are equipped with wireless connection: Globus may be moved and placed anywhere.

Simple lines, enclosed in the cleaning of spherical, and futuristic at the same time, ease of use and maneuverability make an excellent desk companion work to put in your office. It would be nice even if the find in many public places: railway stations, airports, libraries or museums. The cost of this object, called Spherical Mobile Office, is around EUR 7mila.

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Vedana five therapies in one home spa

spa-shower-system-bainultra-vedana-detail11You dream of owning a spa all yours? To relax in the comfort of home?

If you answered yes, that’s right for you: You Vedana, jewelry design and relaxation produced by the North American BainUltra already famous for producing innovative solutions for the bathroom.

BainUltra reinterprets the most intimate space of the house through a shower spa that offers five therapies: aromatherapy, thermotherapy, light therapy, chromotherapy, sound therapy, integrating them with the benefits dell’Idra-thermo massage.

You start getting up to find the right balance: to relax or rejuvenate them as required or time of day.

All this is combined with a modern and elegant design that makes this spa shower a real element of furniture and an angle designed to maximize the benefits of the integrated combination of different therapies.

Vedana gives you the possibility to choose the most suitable time to allow you a moment of peace and relaxation, and it does so by using innovative and advanced as one of the best-equipped spa. Available in different colors ranging from white to biscuit, passing through more muted tones like beige.

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Ares Line Xten chair from 1.5 million dollars

chair_pininfarina_11Would have thought that a top manager, while being comfortable at your desk while working, would be able to even pay 1.5 million dollars? Obviously yes, because Pininfarina, famous for having dictated the lines of cars like Ferrari, Maserati and Cadillac has created for the company Ares Line Xten, a chair for the office as much.

Ares Line Xten has been designed to accommodate the weary limbs of CEOs and captains of industry but not only, is the most expensive seat in the world, but without a shadow of doubt seems to be the most convenient.

The feature that makes Ares Line unique is the use of innovative materials designed to reduce fatigue. Dynamic Synchronized Tilting System allows you to recline the back or the chair independently of each other, while the Technogel this cushion them in adapting to the physical person, reducing the fatigue of 60%.

front_ergonomic_chair_11Some might think that at a cost so high, this chair should be at least eternal … engineers Pininfarina certainly did not arrive at this, but felt they could make it virtually indestructible thanks to the use of a particular material, Dynatec, which is often also used to deliver the uniforms of Olympic athletes.

They could not miss the references to the world of motors. Ares Line is available in 4 colors, including 2 very special: Red and Blue Ferrari Maserati.

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SIM2 Grand Cinema, the projector for over $ 21,000

sim21After the Beijing Olympics Italy climbs the highest podium in design and technology with SIM2 Grand Cinema HT3000 HOST.

This is a projector from carettistiche truly exceptional and a price that it claims in the quality and efficiency: $ 21,595!

The SIM2 HT3000 is yet another creature of the family SIM2, driven to improve the characteristics of screening and reduce the distortions in the images, thanks to more powerful processors.

The basic technology is proprietary, SIM2 Alphapath ™ light engine, and allows viewing of images in Full HD via a chip 0.95 “1080p DC3 DLP.

The quality of projection at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 HDTV, is guaranteed 100% up to a maximum distance of 250 meters. Very long cables, it can cause unpleasant effects such as loss of information, distortion of images, background noise, changes in color.

Intallazione and assembly are easy, because I doubt that anyone has the chance to spend all this money on a projector, did not want to try this trinket immediatamete technology and entertainment.

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Imago Plus, the first by Faber hood technology

imago_plus_faber1For those who do not like intrattanere stare at the stove Faber has created the technological hood Imago Pro Presented at the Salone del Mobile in 2008 was an immediate success thanks to the extraordinary innovations.

Faber, which has always been a leader in the field of suction hoods, has reinvented this accessory makes it unique and very chic.

Besides being a hood with excellent benefits (air exchange occurs in a completely silent and can be operated for 24 hours to save energy), Imago Plus is equipped with an LCD screen 19, which will allow you to see the recipe on board. Also, if you are not satisfied with the wide range of recipes included, you can always upload your usb or via download from the internet directly from the hood.

What makes this item even more attractive is the ability to connect to the internet and the web cam built that has the dual function of allowing you to make video calls and control all your home through Home Monitoring technology (useful to parents that while cooking can keep an eye on their pargoli).

In addition to the above mentioned super technology, Faber has given much attention to the design of Imago Plus Its structure and minimal lines is steel finish with glass, while the major LCD screen can also be transformed into a frame to hold your best pictures.

As is well known technology and elegance with a cost, in this case the hood Imago Plus is on sale for € 3000.00.

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Treadwall with no escalation will be impossible

treadwall1If your dream come true has always been free-climbing, but you do not have a clue how to start or simply do not have the means and time to reach the place where practice, do not be afraid, you can do with Treadwall climbing very challenging, and potentially infinite, even staying at home.

The Treadwall the Brewers Ledge Inc is a system very similar to that used in tapis roulant.

Allows you to climb on a vertical rotating platform, minuta appropriate handles for easy climbing, just like those found in gyms or in specialized professions.

The platform is designed to eliminate all forms of safety ropes, hooks, helmets or padding of any kind.

Your body will, in fact, always a few inches above the ground: in questro so you can stop whenever you want without worrying about what you are tired.

baby treadwall

The vertical wall moves only according to the movement of the user, so if you’re still not likely to be incorporated nell’ingranaggio and make you evil. The angle, speed of rotation, the level of difficulty can be easily modified.

girlsm41Finally the integration of a system of control and monitoring of heart rhythm, can transform a play into a real workout professional able to work at full all the muscles of your body.

There is also a “baby” to entertain and train your children. What wait? The Treadwall costs only $ 10,000.

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Elite Bed, a whole room at your pillow

hollandiaplatinumluxeelite1Furniture HiTech depopulated now everywhere, and every day there are always new solutions from design more sophisticated or simply the highest price. Hollandia, the leading manufacturer of systems for the rest of luxury, gave birth to yet another creature capable of furnishing the bedrooms of those who can afford it. This is Elite Bed.

Elite bed is obviously not just a bed. HDTV has a sony 32 inch retractable including planting Sony BRAVIA Theater System with 5 speakers and a subwoofer under the surface of the mattress. Inmancabili a CD / DVD drive and a slot for connecting to your iPod.

A telescopic headrest sorreggerà your back on nights where you want to read a good book or simply watching TV. But it would not be a cake without a rest gradevole massage. You can choose from 12 predefined programs without worrying about falling asleep: a system for automatic shutdown interrupts the functions of the bed after 30 minutes.

The only colors available are white and gray, but I think that this might be the last of your thoughts, because you should sborzare $ 35,000 to take home this concentration of technology.

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Sweet dreams with Cosmovoide, the high tech bed

cosmovoide1From the genius of some French designer born Cosmovoide, an exclusive bed and with a thousand resources. Its design is unique: the special egg shape was chosen for the feelings of well being and relaxation that is derived as a symbol of life.

The structure of the bed was divided into two separate parts (both can be customized in the colors and materials). Inside the mattress pure latex (as in a bed joint) and around it the egg structure.

On the top of the bed are charged 7 LED lights that reproduce the colors of the game with relaxing colors, while the foot is installed a LCD TV including DVD player and Home Cinema system. But there’s more. In addition to 6 sockets (used both for game consoles, but for more serious purposes such as the use of medical equipment) available to the user is also a telephone and two reading lamps.

So Cosmovoide is truly a center for relaxation designed to satisfy all users and is already a must in the best hotel in the world! Currently on sale only in specialized Aulnoy shop lez Valenciennes in France (tel. 0033 327 426 511 email: contact@cosmovoide.fr) to the figure of € 39,000 (for the basic version).

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A public toilet from $ 89,000

public-toilet-on-ebay_9kjd1_57841The news was almost unbelievable, but it is really true: a public toilet was defeated at auction on e-bay for the modest sum of $ 89,000! The purchase dates from the end of July and has as protagonists the city of Seattle and a common net-citizen. Actually the toilet in its own way has style and class.

Encompasses a very large space and doors to open automatically, allowing the citizens, who can no longer retain their own needs, to have twenty minutes of privacy before they opened a second time. Includes faucets, automatic dryers, soaps and a system for emergency calls to 911.

Once the user is out of the cab, the doors are closed again and start the process of self-sanitizing. The tablet of water retracts in a special compartment for sterilization and the rest of the stage of complete cleaning.

The city of Seattle has decided to sell these boxes because of the use scostumato led by his fellow citizens. Some were purchased in 2004 for a cost of 5 million dollars. To deliver and recover in part the expense incurred, the municipality decided to auction these toilets from a base of $ 89,000 each. What else will still be expected?

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Philips Cinema 21:9

Philips is preparing to market a screen from the innovative features. Philips Cinema 21:9 is in fact a powerful 56-inch TV, with the size of cinema screens, or 21:9.

It is a film for television then, the first model in the world in cinemascope, can play movies in 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 full screen, ie without the traditional black bands placed on the sides top and bottom of our traditional TV.

This Full HD LCD TV in fact is working on the format of the original film, which are born in 21:9 format, and are then adjusted to 16:9 or 4:3 traditional monitors. The problem however is that if the films are born in this format, the television broadcasts are still linked to 4:3, then there are real doubts about the applicability of the format of Philips Cinema 21:9. The risk is from a deformed hand to see the broadcasts, the other to see them with two large vertical bands.

The market however seems to give reason to the Dutch, given that many other companies, such as Texas Instruments and Epson seem to want to take the road of 21:9. For now we should wait for the commercialization of this model, which will start next spring in Germany, Belgium, UK and France, so that they can directly experience the features and applicability to the actual products offered by the film that that on television. For now we have to limit ourselves to information on the Philips official site, devoted entirely to the new product.

[youtube 0_eu6OI36Us]

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Hi-Can, the Ferrari of beds in Apple style

It seems now that the solutions all-in-one are the latest trend in the world of luxury and technology: just think all’iPhone, rather than the smartphone and audio systems last generation, which integrate into a traditional an endless series applications.


We’re talking about Hi-Can, a canopy bed super-modern multi-functions. An idea born from the mind of Edward and the Carlino prof. Maurizio Muzzupappa in a project that involves the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Calabria and Cosenza Detamobili company.

Hi-Can does “high fidelity canopy”, that is canopied by large benefits. Probably not find any more reason to rise out of bed, as in Hi-Can you find a Hi-fi by excellent performance, which read MP3 files, and a video projector. But here is not over: connecting the projector to computer or console, the screen motorized drop can become a practical monitor to be used for either leisure work. Hi-Can also has a lighting system and soft power to control the environment.

Officially presented in February this year, this draft nostrano made itself heard throughout the world: in fact try to con Goggle and look remain really impressed by the amount of blogs, articles and Web sites that have remained from the creative folgorati a university student. We are therefore very pleased to say a few words about a young Italian talent, which soon will see realized its ambitious project.

Hi-Can will be achieved by Detamobili shortly, but to deceive the wait, if you are still fascinated by this brilliant plan, here’s the video presentation:

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200,000 dollars for the desktop more expensive in the world

This is the figure that Parnian, a company that produces Furniture expensive and sought the cost of not less than 6000 dollars, asks those who want to buy his latest creature, the most expensive executive desk in the world.

A desk rather than functional, as also appears from the photos, spacious and comfortable: an object that may cost very dear to many managers of large companies, decided to have the best of the best in their office.

They are in fact the target chosen by Parnian because, as explained on its Web site, every man who wants to work for his office that factor “wow” that can make the people that lies before it is truly a man of power and success.

The completion of each desk takes about 5 months: Parnian Executive Desk is made up of 6 different types of precious exotic wood such as ebony and the upper floor is covered with a sheet of glass. Its design is characterized by soft lines and curves, which give elegance to the entire desktop.

A true record price than estimated by Parnan for his executive desk, for an object whose value is indeed difficult to estimate. What the Parnan able to actually cash these 200,000 U.S. dollars for example?

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A Los Angeles house mix of Mr Michael Chow

The residence crosses past and present, East and West, the Venetian palaces, the Spanish colonial and contemporary art

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The HiTech villa overlooking the night of Beverly Hills

The millionaire Jim Goldstein lives in un’avveniristica house designed by John Lautner, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. A sort of spaceship trapezoid whose wooden ceiling opens squarci dream Sky metropolis

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Bike Supply Design

If you love good design and I like original ideas, this is the place for you. 
The careful Designerblog friends, have talked about these particular items of furniture, including chairs and stools, made by Bike Supply Design. 
This ingenious design has the ability to turn every element of an old bike in a product with elegant design, Filante and very attractive. 
A smart way to use the old bike into disuse and finally use them inside the house.

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Table ripple 24ct Gold series, the art of Rowland

The plan support simulates the ripples of water that expand the core after the launch of a stone. The waves reached 11 mm in the deeper level, but stop to 1.2 millimeters more than superficial. 

This table, the result of the creative genius of Lee J Rowland, has steel structure plated with 24 carat gold. His weight is 205 kilograms, but the figure is secondary compared to the class of that object. The acquisition requires 20 thousand pounds.

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Lamp, speaker and purifying.

When you think about says it all. Why design a minimalist decor does not mean depriving of all that you want. So the lamps Artemide Rigel. Lamps ultrathin design, but also excellent speaker and hi-fi, non plus ultra, air purifiers. Available to 2,800 euros.

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Bathtub full comfort

On the bathroom often focus our attention, being a dedicated place to relax and as requiring special attention and use of top quality products and the concept better. 

Here’s one example, talk of Oasis Waterfall Shower, shower / bath tub that revolutionizes the way to his shower and relax under the water spray. 

Thanks to detail design, with attention to every detail, and the particular location of water jets, you can enjoy a really incredible feeling to hear the water run along its body naturally, like a natural flow and very efficient.

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Lamp for wireless audio at home

The decor of our homes is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the design seeks to fully integrate the functionality of the objects to their size. Thus the lamp at the same time spreading light and music in its environment. Submitted by Soundolier, “duo” is a pair of lamps from the ground or through a wireless system are able to receive music and audio from different sources and play back sound spread in the environment. 

This is an attempt to “hide” the loudspeakers, making them become the target of furnishing or giving another auxiliary function inside the house.

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